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From: Andrew Ingleside
Subject: Experimenting 3 (bi-high school)__3_________________________As Jamie walked up the stairs to her room with an outward cool that belied
the turmoil inside, she thought about what she had seen in the last half
hour and had to grab the railing to help the weakness in her knees. She
had seen two boys reach spurting orgasms right in front of her eyes, one of
them being her cute little brother that she had never thought of as a
sexual being until this afternoon and who had developed into a pretty
attractive teenager with a nice sized cock while she wasn't paying
attention. The other, his ever-present friend Greg, who she always thought
was a little cute in a dorky kind of way but who today put on lolitas brasilenas transexuales latinas
a more erotic
sexual display than she had ever dreamed possible. His cock was much bigger
than his size otherwise indicated it would be; he was uncircumcised, which
she had never seen before, and he erupted a fountain of come that could
impregnate a Clydesdale. Her pussy was drenched; she was dying to take her
shorts off and give it some air. As she reached her room she closed the
door, immediately peeling off her t-shirt and then her sports bra, cupping
her tight, slightly upturned breasts and massaging them in relief from
their confinement. As she hooked her fingers in her tight spandex shorts
to pull them down, she paused for a moment and looked at her reflection in
the full length asian lolitas model nude mirror across from her bed. I guess I DO look pretty sexy,
she thought, taking in her thick honey-blond hair that she had let down out
of its ponytail, her cute face with overlarge blue eyes, thick, sensuous
lips, smallish but firm shapely breasts, a lolita top 100 paysites trim waist with solid, flat
stomach and just a hint of ab muscles. Her eyes paused at the crotch of
her shorts, at this point trying to decide whether she should wear them
again in public; they were awfully tight, accentuating her narrow hips and
round, solid dancer's ass but also highlighting, perhaps to excess, her
unusually (from what she had seen) full pubic mound and meaty pussy lips.
She turned to the side; even through the shorts her mound prominently
bulged from beneath her flat stomach. From the front, each outer lip was
clearly defined, with the seam of the shorts bisecting them and riding up
between them by almost a half inch at the center. She shook her head with
uncertainty and slowly slid the shorts off, revealing her neatly trimmed
but nonetheless full bush of soft, dark blond pubic hair. She plucked at it
a bit, wondering if she should finally shave it all off like so many of the
other girls she had seen in the school showers had done, or at least trim
it down further to a "landing strip", but her logic was that a) she hadn't
had pubic hair for all that long and had waited for it through all her
pre-teen years, so it seemed a shame to cut it almost all off so relatively
soon after she got it, and b) her anatomy might make that trimming
difficult due to the extra skin involved. Most of all, however, she thought
less hair might highlight her extra endowment to an uncomfortable degree in
those same showers. As her hand lingered a bit around her pubic area, she
gently grabbed and pulled her protruding inner pussy lips down and apart,
amazed as always by how they enlarged and flowered open as she did so. They
were still somewhat engorged from her recent arousal anyway, and as she
continued to pull on them they hung down almost a full inch from her outer
lips and thickened somewhat until they attained a firm, rubbery
texture. She sat on the corner of her bed facing the mirror about three
feet away and spread her legs wide apart, her feet on the floor. She spread
her pussy wide, pulling the inner lips as far as they would go, and was
astounded to see a spread of about 3 inches from tip to tip. As she let
them go they closed up somewhat but nonetheless remained open and sticking
way out. Now that's a pussy that obviously wants some cock, she
thought--no hiding when I'm turned on, unlike most girls. She wasn't sure
if that was good or bad, but it had already gotten her in a situation she
had never imagined with her brother.As she dreamily continued to play with her pussy in the mirror, she slowly
and gently inserted a a lolita bbs pics
finger into the very wet opening, sliding it slowly
in and out. Her breathing quickened as her pussy moistened even further,
and she slid her finger out of her hole and up along the top ridge of her
clit, which was starting to become seriously erect. As she ran her finger
along the top of the hood, dipping it into her hole periodically for
lubrication, she was amazed as always to see her clit emerge from under its
hood and attain its prodigious length of slightly over an inch, with a
pink, shiny head that looked like the tip of a bullet. Thank god this
thing didn't get erect until she was REALLY turned on, she thought, or
she'd never be able to wear a swimsuit. It already looked sometimes like
she had small balls when she wore a tight one piece due to her plump pussy
lips. She looked glassy-eyed at her reflection in the mirror, watching as
her left index finger slid into her open hole and pumped asian lolitas model nude
in and out; juice
was starting to drip from the opening, and the very visible head of her
clit was purple and throbbing. Ok, she thought, enough of this fooling
around, and she began vigorously pumping the first two fingers of her left
hand into her sodden hole while grabbing her clit shaft with the thumb and
forefinger of her right hand and starting to jack it back and forth like a
miniature cock, the swollen head alternately protruding from and being
hidden by the hood as she did so. As her orgasm began to rise, the flow of
cream from her vagina increased and created an audible smacking sound as
she plunged her fingers in and out. At that moment she pictured Greg's cock
spewing out its fountain of come, bobbing up and down with each squirt, and
that did it--she was coming, gasping "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!" as her vagina
squeezed shut rhythmically on her fingers, her dark purple clit head
throbbing violently with each contraction. An actual small squirt of juice
erupted from her clenching hole and dripped onto the wooden floor with an
audible splat, causing her eyes to widen and the speed of her fingering to
increase until she was coming again, to her amazement, this time with a
slightly larger spurt of liquid.As her orgasms wound down and her fingering slowed, she expelled a long
drawn out breath and removed her fingers from her sodden hole. She looked
at herself in the mirror again and thought Damn! If I was a guy a lolita bbs pics looking at
me right now I'd come in my pants. Looking back at her in the mirror was a
picture of total, unmitigated sex; her thick hair was wild and bushy, her
skin flushed red, nipples erect, pussy swollen in every respect--thick,
purple inner lips protruding out past the outers with a flow of juice
running out the bottom, pubic hair matted with wetness, rocklike, still
throbbing red clithead at least a quarter inch out of its hood, its full
inch-plus length a testament to the unmistakable height of her arousal. She
wondered if any of her girlfriends got so cranked up and what they looked
like when they did--or if they didn't, did the size of her female equipment
have anything to do with her arousal level? Was she just particularly well
constructed for sex? She was very curious about how she compared to other
girls, particularly considering the 13 ys old lolitas fun Gary and Greg seemed to be having
with a member of their own sex; maybe she'd have to pursue something like
that (but had no idea how). The thoughts and ideas started to swirl
together in her head, and she fell backwards on the bed, falling almost
instantly to sleep, the mirror showing the clear fluid continuing to leak
from her satisfied hole.
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